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Recall Africa Security Solutions is a responsible, ethical trader with distinctive local roots. We care about all our stakeholders - our employees, clients, communities, shareholders and the environment.

We have an obligation towards and an important role to play in improving the lives of our communities, and we provide opportunities for their success in the future.

Therefore, it is our prerogative to actively invest in the development of our people. Through our in-house Skills Academy (that trains thousands of industry staff annually) to our structured programs, management development scheme and post-graduate business school education for senior and middle managers, we UPLIFT our employees, enabling them to thrive in their careers, live the Recall Africa values (Integrity, Caring, Enterprising and Diligent) and to be proud ambassadors for our brand.

Personal Development

At Recall Africa we believe in investing time and capital in helping people establish, expand and improve their business ventures. As a responsible organisation, we take pride in helping people to earn a living as it helps them out of poverty and it leads to long-term economic growth for themselves, their families and their communities. We see Enterprise Development as more than just a priority element on the amended B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, to us it is about investing in SMME’s and EME’s as they are the driving force for economic growth and creation of jobs.

Health and Safety

At Recall Africa, we take Health and Safety very seriously and strive to give it the emphasis and awareness required. We constantly endeavour to make Safety part of our daily management. We support the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993. To ensure compliance with this legislation in our business, we engage in continuous training on hazard identification and prevention and constantly update our practices in accordance with the latest practices in this field.

Management Standards

Our Quality Management Framework ensures quality in consistency, measurability, reliability, punctuality, productivity, safety, health, sustainable value creation, wellbeing and more.

As a quality-driven organisation, Recall Africa is obsessed with the management of Quality Systems across all our operations.

We feel so strongly about quality, that we have made quality management a vital part of individual employee performance management.


We place environmental sustainability at the heart of its operations. This extends from maintaining our standard of environmental practice at an operation level, re-inventing the ways in which we operate to constantly improve our internal benchmarks, to training our people to create innovative product solutions for our clients that provide commercial and environmental benefits.

As with every other division in the group, Recall Africa works with its valued clients to minimise impact on the environment and sets targets for on-going improvement. We comply with recommended environmental legislation and constantly seek to improve our own environmental program. In addition, we raise awareness of environmental issues amongst our employees and enlist their support in improving performance.